Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cute Cute Cute!

I can't forget this...too funny!
(the scene) This past sunday I was doin something in the kitchen before church and Nick and the kids were driving little cars and monster trucks all over some blankets in the family room...
Dane: "You can't beat me, I'm chick hicks" (in this horrible monster voice)
Paige: (following Dane's path trying to talk in the same horrible monster voice) "Oh yeah, I'm a Child of God"
I couldn't believe it--I started laughing and couldn't stop for a little while!
p.s. if you do a monster voice and say it, you'll get the full affect!

Back in Hawaii!

It feels good to be back in hawaii in the flow of school and normal life! The other night was our neighbors' kid's 1st birthday and birthdays are huge here! They had the BYU gameroom and lots of yummy food and all the games to play! It was super fun!
Dane and Paige playing the Wii! Paige isn't too into it!

Oh, but her dad is into this...rock band! Nick would play this day and night if we had it! Look how much fun they are all having!?! Oh...Nick says they are concentrating!

Nick took the kids to the beach while I worked on primary stuff last saturday! For some reason they came home with their swim suits off! hmmm...
All behind is the TVA--the apartments where we live. It's like one big crazy mormon family compound!

THIS is Dane's new bike! Here's the deal with this...when we moved here, Dane got a new little tikes 3wheeler thing, and a couple weeks before we took off for home, I found it completely destroyed, so that ticked me straight off! Soo, for Christmas he got a cool flame razor scooter that he loved and two days after we got back-- it was gone! We found it a few days after that and then the next day it was gone again! By far the most irritating thing about living in TVA and that it doesn't matter whose it is and they even have names and apt. numbers on them, other kids take them home and sometimes--you never see them again...hence Dane now has a rusty bike that we found by the dumpster and he got to pick the paint! BUT--he loves it and I don't think anyone is gonna want to take it! ;) We said we'd get a new bike when he learns to ride without training wheels, but it might be when we get back to the mainland! I'm so happy Dane loves this funky little bike so much! See...he's learning to be a simple hawaiian kid!!!!!!!!
Happy Days!

Back in Hawaii!

Last few days in Pima!

These 4 kids got to play together almost everyday! Bentlee always had Dane and the little ones doing something girly and most days Dane went along with it...this is one of the days!
They pulled out some old nighty things and were being kings and princesses! They would go in the other room and play and it was so funny to hide around the corner and listen to them! I love kid imaginations--funny little kids!

All the pregnant mommas! Keep in mind this is like 10 o'clock at night, so we're not so becoming! Teonna is due any day, Allison in late April and me, the beginning of May! More crazy kids to add! It's so much fun to have babies all at the same time! I do feel sorry for our poor husbands--we are kinda mean!

Babies, Babies everywhere!

More Outside Glee!

If dad needs a nap, he takes a nap! I think dad has taken a nap on probably everything hard you can think of...this one, a 4wheeler tire!
Lucky Marshall got to cuddle up next to him!
Having delicious tin-foil dinners!

I thought this was cute--I told Dane to go hide in the bushes...8 feet from the fire was his hiding spot!
Mom and the two little boys--she was trying to ride by herself...that didn't work out! This ride lasted about 20 seconds! She did get a little one by herself though!

My EXTRA Fabulous mom and dad!

Dirtbike Excitement!

Another fun thing we did in AZ was go on a few outside outings with the 4wheelers and buggies! Luke was a sneaky guy and bought this 50 motorcycle for his family and I think we're gonna have to get one when we get back to dirtbike country! It's awesome cause Luke made training wheels for it until they get good!
Dane and Bentlee takin it for a spin!
Paige wouldn't get on with Dane, but she would with Bentlee! They were cute!

Dane the Toughy!

Cruisin on the go-cart! This was ours when we were all little and my dad put some work into it and now it runs great! It's still a little big for the kids, but they'll grow into it real fast I'm sure!

Nick and his baby girl!

Snowy on Mt. Graham!

A couple days after christmas we went to the mountain and played in the snow! My smart mom and dad got all the kids snow clothes, boots and mittens so we didn't have any cold, crying kids! It was one of the funnest days--all the kids loved it and the grown-ups did too!
Mommy and Paige

Paige slept for most of the trip,but she woke up in time to sled a few times with Daddy and drink some warm cocoa!

Adam has a good fake smile doesn't he! Hollen is the most clumsy and walking on uneven ground was not too fun for this little guy--Adam ended up dragging him around! It sounds bad, but Hollen kinda liked it AND it was hilarious!

Dane gettin ready to RIDE! I love my Boys!

Dane is a little more cautious than Tanner's kids, so he liked to ride a few times then sit and watch Camrom and Cooper do crazy ramps and stuff! I'm okay with cautious, it keeps me away from the hospital!

Happy Happy Holidays!

Here are a bunch of fun Christmas Holiday Pictures...yep and they are in Pima! I really didn't want to miss Christmas time being at "home", I don't know, there is just something about it! Some might call me a wimp and couldn't do Christmas with my own little family in Hawaii, but I call it just loving home a lot! Things are wonderful there! So.....
Taking a cute picture in front of the tree! This is Paige's new posing face--not sure what's goin on there--but still cute!
Christmas morning at poppa Danny's and Biane's (Paige's name for my mom)! It was definately hard trying to get stuff that we could put in a suitcase to take back with us. We ended up needing a big box to take as luggage on the plane!

Paige loves babies, strolling babies, feeding babies, cooking for babies, and telling them to go to sleep!

Dane's pile...he already took half of it outside before I could pictures!

My handsome little shephard! The nativity keeps getting funnier and funnier every year!

Dane singing "Here comes Santa Clause" It actually shocked me that HE wanted to dress up and sing! Dane likes to do things if it's HIS idea!

Christmas Eve train car ride! The kids LOVE THIS, but the adults think these things are torcher chambers! This is definately one of Poppa Danny's best toys!

My Precious Paige!

My Darling Dane!

These are backwards, but this is at mom and dad's ward party! Lucky Adam and Stephanie were in charge--it turned out fabulous as expected!
Waiting in line to sit on Santa's lap!

A few days before Christmas is Camron's birthday and he wanted to have a ramping party! So all the kids went to the church parking lot and set up ramps and every ride toy imaginable was there--it was fun! Paige is trying to figure out Cooper's razor!

Waiting in Biane's buggy to go to the church! I really hope this is on my list of inherited things! Everybody love the buggy!

Mommy and the loves of her life (Nick is too, but he wasn't in Pima on this day yet!)
I loved being in Pima for Christmas--we got to enjoy lots of family and do quite a few things that we really wanted to do! Some of the things I loved most about this Christmas time were...sitting by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa, having cousins to play with everyday, having to be creative and frugal with Christmas, picking up my husband from the airport with that "we're home for Christmas" feeling, getting to stay at my parents house, planning with my kids for 2 crazy long plane rides, (it was hard, but funner and easier that I had planned)! All of it was great!