Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pure Entertainment!

My kids are flipped over their daddy and Nick had to drive the backhoe up to casa for some construction and they both got to drive on it with him all the way to safford! Ahh...the simple things in life!
My precious little girl started nursery this past sunday and loved it! She is my social butterfly who is ready to be big already! Her dad is so proud that she didn't fuss or cry or anything, just waved to us when we left!

More Monster Trucks!

Just a few more pics of the Monster Truck show! Mommy and her favorite boy!
Cute Taylor and Paige!

I don't know how this little girl took a nap in the middle of the show, but she crawled up on my lap and shut her eyes and she was out for about 45 minutes--just needed to take a little nap!

All my kids!

We Love Monster Trucks!

Every year all the Hoopes Boys go to the Monster Truck show--well, a couple weeks ago Dane saw the comercial for it on TV and kept asking when we're gonna we planned a little family weekend in mesa! We got to take Nick's little girl, Taylor with us too! She's such a sweet girl and our kids LOVE her! And luckily she loves them too! It was a fun weekend!
Anyone that says the Monster truck show is loud is underestimating's REALLY LOUD! I didn't realize we should have taken 3 or 4 ear muff things (I forgot what they're called) Paige thought they were pretty cool though!
She wasn't for sure she liked it at first--and for some reason, she covered her eyes instead of her ears!
And then of course she totally got into like the rest of the "classy" people there and started cheering when the trucks broke a tire or something!
Dane loves anything with monster trucks--the way they sound, the way they look, they way the ramp, anything...this boy LOVES being a boy!