Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

We had a SUPER FUN Halloween Carnival for our ward--I got to help with it and I loved it!
Mr. T is our neighbor--I thought this was the most creative costume for sure!
My darling bumble bee--she loved her costume for about 30 minutes and then she wanted her wings off! Thanks to gramma Ginny for her adorable fluffy yellow swim suit that doubled as a bumblesee suit!
It's amazing how many adults dress up for halloween here! It is HUGE in hawaii! It was so fun that I decided I'm gonna dress up every year! Oh yeah!

This is funny--Max chewing on bread crust one minute.....

The next minute he was out! He mouth was still trying to find the crust though--it was funny!

The foxy pirate, the crazy witch lady (people couldn't figure out how I got orange hair--I never thought they don't use hair color because it doesn't show up on dark hair, who woulda thought), and the cute bumblebee!

THe carnival was friday night and Saturday night was trick or treating, and so it was costume time again! This time Paige did not want to wear her bee again so we pulled out her pink skeleton pajamas and painted her hair pink! She love it! Dane loved being Dark Vader!

The Pink Scary Skeleton!

Mommy and the little skeleton!


Dane is Super Citizen!

Every month at Dane's school the teachers choose 1 or 2 kids from their class to be "Super Citizen" which means they have been kind of the outstanding kids for that month! Anyway--Daner got it last last month! It was a traumatizing day for me cause Mr. Akinaka forgot to tell us! I don't know how he forgot (I'll blame it on he's a typical man that forgets really important things)! So right after Nick took Dane to school he ran in the house and told me, so we jumped up as fast as we could and got to school before the assembly started! It's a big deal here too with balloons and leis and everything you can think of! I was on the verge of tears cause I had nothing for Dane, NOTHING! When I got to the school I had a couple friends there to watch their kids and niece get super citizen and I told them what happened while trying not to completely fall apart--well, they grabbed a couple extra leis they brought and gave them to me to put on Dane! The story ends with a really grateful mommy heart that had the extreme mad to sad to completely grateful all within 30 minutes! And Dane never knew that we didn't know--that was the best part! He loved it and we got to make a poster for his class and it's a big bumblebee transformer with his head on it...I'll don't have a picture of it yet, but I will! So Happy Super Citizen Day Dane!
He was so excited! I love this boy!

His T-ball friend Sia got it too! Cute kids!
I wanted some little naked pics of Max--He's such a darling little guy, so happy and fun! His naked body is adorable! I think he has his mommy's buns (mine are that cute naked too!
(ba haha)

Cute profile picture!