Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Most Favorite Little People

I'm practicing posting pictures, and this is kinda fun! These are the most precious things in my entire world! Dane is a crazy man...needless to say he loves to get a laugh or a weird look, one of the two! And Paige is my little angel that just smiles and then tries to eat my face! I'm such a lucky, lucky mom!

This is our most recent family pic--Nick's mom had a photographer come to take pictures of the grandkids, so we decided to snag a few! I wish Paige didn't look scared, but this is about the only decent one of all of us!
Holy smokes--YES! I'M FINALLY A BLOGGER! Really, I've wanted to be for a while and thanks to my cute sis Allison, I get to be now! It's kinda funny, because I really don't even know what to say now....so um, since it's the week of being thankful I would like to share some things that I am thankful for...here's a generic list...
-My fantastic husband who loves every part of me (I'm so lucky)
-My adorable kids who bring me lots and lots of happiness and laughs and pure joy!
-My family's health
-The Gospel of Jesus Christ (of course)
-Experiences I've had (good and bad)
-Friends-I have some pretty amazing friends
-I get to live in pima
-Not only do I get to live in pima, but I get to live across the street from my parents....
-My brothers and Allison
-My unbelievably incredible parents

Okay--so I think I'm done for now. That's not all I'm thankful for, but I'm starting to feel corny!