Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Happy Holidays!

Here are a bunch of fun Christmas Holiday Pictures...yep and they are in Pima! I really didn't want to miss Christmas time being at "home", I don't know, there is just something about it! Some might call me a wimp and couldn't do Christmas with my own little family in Hawaii, but I call it just loving home a lot! Things are wonderful there! So.....
Taking a cute picture in front of the tree! This is Paige's new posing face--not sure what's goin on there--but still cute!
Christmas morning at poppa Danny's and Biane's (Paige's name for my mom)! It was definately hard trying to get stuff that we could put in a suitcase to take back with us. We ended up needing a big box to take as luggage on the plane!

Paige loves babies, strolling babies, feeding babies, cooking for babies, and telling them to go to sleep!

Dane's pile...he already took half of it outside before I could pictures!

My handsome little shephard! The nativity keeps getting funnier and funnier every year!

Dane singing "Here comes Santa Clause" It actually shocked me that HE wanted to dress up and sing! Dane likes to do things if it's HIS idea!

Christmas Eve train car ride! The kids LOVE THIS, but the adults think these things are torcher chambers! This is definately one of Poppa Danny's best toys!

My Precious Paige!

My Darling Dane!

These are backwards, but this is at mom and dad's ward party! Lucky Adam and Stephanie were in charge--it turned out fabulous as expected!
Waiting in line to sit on Santa's lap!

A few days before Christmas is Camron's birthday and he wanted to have a ramping party! So all the kids went to the church parking lot and set up ramps and every ride toy imaginable was there--it was fun! Paige is trying to figure out Cooper's razor!

Waiting in Biane's buggy to go to the church! I really hope this is on my list of inherited things! Everybody love the buggy!

Mommy and the loves of her life (Nick is too, but he wasn't in Pima on this day yet!)
I loved being in Pima for Christmas--we got to enjoy lots of family and do quite a few things that we really wanted to do! Some of the things I loved most about this Christmas time were...sitting by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa, having cousins to play with everyday, having to be creative and frugal with Christmas, picking up my husband from the airport with that "we're home for Christmas" feeling, getting to stay at my parents house, planning with my kids for 2 crazy long plane rides, (it was hard, but funner and easier that I had planned)! All of it was great!

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