Thursday, August 12, 2010


So a couple weeks ago we found out they are filming Pirates of the Carribean here! Then about a week ago, we were driving to Kaneohe and saw this awesome black boat out in the bay. Dane saw it first and yelled "Mom! A Pirate ship!" He was right--that's where they're filming! Sooo...this past Sat. night some fun friends (all moms in my fun ward) decided to take a girls trip to the harbor--and guess who we saw.............CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!! da da da

He was really cool to all the fans-- He took time to shake hands (including me) and thank people for coming! IT WAS SUPER COOL! And it was fun cause he was in character the whole time! I'm not a huge Johny Depp fan--but I did like these movies alot and I think he's a dang talented actor!
The filming from a distance--I'm amazed at how they make movies!

Just cool!

This is the Jerry Bruckheimer the producer! He produces tons of shows--TV and movies! I guess he produced all the Pirate's movies! He's kind of a little squirly guy--but hey...super rich!
I decided I like girl's nights out in hawaii--I have some funny friends here--in fact, I have funny friends in lots of places! I love my friends!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Lately I like to keep things pretty simple--I've learned that sometimes, less is more! Being in Hawaii definately makes me feel pretty slow--but I have to say that I love it! Here are just a few little happy moments...

After 3 kids, I decided I needed a bumbo chair and there is nobody here (like sister in laws) to borrow one from so Max got the first new bumbo seat--he thinks its pretty great to be a big kid and watch Dane and Paige level! And I think he's gonna be our most chill baby--he likes to just hang out and watch and he kinda just whines when he needs something! I spoke too soon--he's not just whining in this one! This is his first time in the ocean and I don't think he's a fan of the cold water---YET! He did chill out a little after a few minutes! I have two other little happy fishies though!

Max and Daddy!

This is Max's worried look, like if he's been in his seat too long, or he thinks he's getting hungry, or if he's left in a room by himself and he can hear voices in the other room! It's a cute face--dont'cha think!?!