Friday, July 30, 2010

Funny Kids!

I think I have pretty funny kids! I know most kids are funny, but I think mine are extra clever! Here are a few examples...

Paige says these are her "kneefites" or "nephites" or "knee fights" however you want to say it...look closely what it is...they are my nursing pads! I don't take the stickers off on the back and I pulled them out so I could nurse Max one day and she pulled the stickers off the back and put them on her knees and said, "look mom, at my kneefites!" I started laughing pretty hard and couldn't wait till Nick got home to show him! I think she's confused, because we talked about the Nephites a few days before for family night, and she and Dane are always playing "warriors" and they make shields and stuff out of random things, so....Paige's kneefites! See, clever!
Dane is the champion inventor of anything that I throw away--he sees the potential in junk! He pulled out a black foam plate thing that some huli chicken was on and went in his room, well, about 15 minutes later he came out looking like this--a transformer! I say we already have a halloween costume ready--yeah! Hey-he thinks it's cool!

Dane always likes the bad guys, so he said he's a mean transformer! It's amazing what he comes up with...

Here is his mean partner--Dane made a costume for his dad too!

This is just a cute picture of Paige and Mela--these two are best friends that love to put the other one in time out...this is what I hear a lot...."Mela, stop or you're going to time out" "No Paige, you go to time out" I giggle every time! They are adorable little friends!

It's all Max!

Max is the most wonderful little guy--he's so content and happy! He loves to "talk" and he just started half giggling the other day--soooo cute! Dane and Paige can't get enough of him, especially Dane. Every time he runs in the house when he's been out playing, he has to stop and give Max a dirty kiss on his head! He thinks Max is pretty much the greatest thing on earth...he's not the only one!

The cute boys at the beach--Max isn't too sure about the beach yet--he's starting to stay awake more, so he sits and watches while everyone else plays. He's gonna LOVE it when he gets to play too!
I know it's kinda blurry, but his little sleeping face is so adorable!

His concerned look!

This is what you get when you are Paige's little brother...a ride in her dolly stroller! He doesn't seem that big until he's in there! By the way, he stayed in there for quite a while!

My two darling boys! Dane tried to make bunk beds out of cardboard boxes the other day--he asked about 10 times if he and Max could sleep in them! I love when boys have brothers!
Max is almost 3 months, he loves to smile and jibber jabber to anyone that will take a minute to do it! All I know is Max is gonna be a fun kid!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Hospital Pics!

These are all a little late, but I have to get them all are some at the hospital!

This is while we are waiting to be discharged--with our newest little addition to our family!
Yeeeaaahh! My mom finally got here! She didn't make it for the birth, but came the day after and it was such a happy day! Aunt Jo made this adorable sign and mom brought it with her! We had such a fun welcome home--all the neighbor kids were waiting for us and they all pretty much jumped in the van with us when we opened the door! It was cute!

Dane had fallen asleep right before Max was born and then Nick took him home, so he didn't get to see Max until the next day--he was sooooooo excited to have a little brother! When he walked into the hospital room he said, "Hi mom, is that my brother? I can't believe my eyes!" He LOVES his brother! He told me the other day that he is ready for their bunk beds now!

Momma Diane gets to love on Max! This is grandkid #12 for my mom and dad and grandkid #8 for Kevin and Ginny! We wish everyone could have been there! It was such a happy day!

Nick and his darling kids! Wild kids--but darling! There will be more Max to come....

It's the Last 2 kid Beach Day!

This was about 5 days before I had Max! We decided to go enjoy the beautiful day--for some reason, no matter what kind of day I was having being giant and pregnant, once I got to the beach, it all kind of just went away!
There was a big whole someone else dug, and the kids had fun playing trucks on it!
Of course Dad got buried--Nick is so patient and the kids love to bury him! And then the "Sand monster" climbs out and chases them--SO FUN!

There's a beached whale--someone call the ranger! This is the last time I will ever have just 2 kids at the beach! And look they're such happy kids too! hahahaha! Now it's nap time.....

My Tee-ball player!

Dane got to play tee-ball for the first time this year because Nick was his coach! I loved watching both of them! He was the gold team and Nick came up the a team name--the warthogs! Don't ask...Nick got a kick out of it! Anyway, Dane wasn't so sure about it at first but by the end, he was a good little baseball player and had made some fun little friends! He loved being number 3!

Dane with his best cheerleader!

Game face!

This is a goofy face--but still a darling one!

Dane liked the helmets a lot--he wanted to have one! Maybe he'll get one for his birthday...or he'll have found something else he thinks he needs to have!

Beautiful Hawaii!

How often do you see a gorgeous view like this driving down the highway??? In Hawaii--it's pretty often! All I know is Heavenly Father gave us a breathtaking world to live in!

I love this picture--there is nothing like sweet little lips on your cheek!

We took a drive up the Pali Highway and stopped at the lookout-BEAUTIFUL!
I'm so glad we are here!

Day at the Aquarium!

This was back in April so I'm a few months off, but I need to put it in for journal reasons...
The aqarium in Waikiki is small but really cool-they have inside and outside stuff and my kids thought it was awesome, and they didn't get worn out from all the walking! Yea!
I don't love taking pictures when I'm pregnant, but I thought I could get away with looking small if I took one next to a giant tree-- Dane next to the water snake--he thinks stuff like this is really great!

Paige liked the "bubble fish" she kept saying. I'm not sure why she called it that, maybe because you looked through a big circle bubble thing!

Mr. Cool with his cute kids!

Red faced Paige taking a rest!
Family outings are always a little hard, but always worth it!