Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dirtbike Excitement!

Another fun thing we did in AZ was go on a few outside outings with the 4wheelers and buggies! Luke was a sneaky guy and bought this 50 motorcycle for his family and I think we're gonna have to get one when we get back to dirtbike country! It's awesome cause Luke made training wheels for it until they get good!
Dane and Bentlee takin it for a spin!
Paige wouldn't get on with Dane, but she would with Bentlee! They were cute!

Dane the Toughy!

Cruisin on the go-cart! This was ours when we were all little and my dad put some work into it and now it runs great! It's still a little big for the kids, but they'll grow into it real fast I'm sure!

Nick and his baby girl!

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