Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Day--January 5th!

Temple beach is so fun to go to. It's like a 10 minute walk and it's beautiful!
Muscle man Dane--take that Grampa Kevin, a.k.a. Grampa Muscle man!

Paige is a sand girl, she usually starts to squeal after a while "my buns hurt" yeah sweetie--it's because you have sand in every crack and crevice! But she rolls and scoots and runs and throws and anything else you can think of to do with sand!

Dane loves to to cruise the beach for "treasures"! I call it junk, but to Dane it's a treasure! We are always taking home rotten coconuts, random sticks, bottle tops, fish bones, you name it, it's a treasure! And Paige and her sand bucket!

The girls! On this day, Dane was in school till 12:45, so Paige, Max and I went to the beach until then and then walked across the street to Laie Elem. and picked Dane up and went back. We stayed there for almost 5 hours--Max loves the beach too. He sleeps and kicks sand and tries to eat as much as he can while I'm not looking! He's at a perfect age to take to the beach! We are gonna have a lot of these in the next couple months!

Time is going too fast!

Just a few cute pictures of kids--they make me a happy mom, a crazy mom sometimes, but definately a happy mom!
Paige playing on the jungle thing at the mall while we were waiting for our van to bet serviced!
Dane, Max and Wesley! Max is tired of being too little to run around. His legs and arms are moving constantly trying to get himself to take off!

Dane and Paige can't get enough of Max! I usually have to protect Max from being mauled and wrestled to death, but I'm glad they love eachother! It's funny, because most of the time Max giggles when Dane is wrestling him.

This little guy melts my heart. I don't know if the 3rd kid is just easier or maybe it's just Max, but he's darling inside and out. He thought it was pretty fun to sit in the boxes Christmas came in from Gramma Ginny and Ma Diane!

Happy Happy Baby!

I want time to slow down for the next couple months! It's strange to remember that when I first moved here I hated it and wanted to go home. I could hardly wait till it was over...but NOW I'm definately singin a different tune--a hawaiian tune! Some days I try to come up with a way to just stay here and then other days I can't wait to live in my little house again across the street from my parents. Anyhow--I love the experiences our little family is having here!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Just a Short One! Funny Stuff!

Aloha from Paradise!

Wow--I'm behind! I have to get some funny things down before I forget! I have lots to post and fun pictures, but I need to have some free time and lately that's not happenin! So...

Dane and Paige were jumping off the couch and Paige accidently hit Dane and he fell apart. So Paige climbed up on the couch and turned so she was facing the couch. I asked her why she was mad and she said, "I'm just gonna lay here and worry about myself." I laughed pretty hard! I guess she's heard "worry about yourself" a few times. Hey, at least she knows what it means!

A couple months at Dane's class was one of the girl's birthdays and her mom brought cupcakes. When I picked Dane up, I asked if she was his friend, he said yes, so I asked what her name is and he said, "I don't know her name, she's brown, I only know her color"

Dane plays with a little Tongan boy named James every single day! A couple weeks ago, Dane started saying some funny little words, I didn't have a clue what he was saying, so I asked him and he said, "James taught me some words in tonga, that means candy in tonga!" By the way, James wants to eat EVERYTHING! Dane thinks he's a local boy--he doesn't like to wear undies anymore and he has started to shorten all his words! It's funny!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

We had a SUPER FUN Halloween Carnival for our ward--I got to help with it and I loved it!
Mr. T is our neighbor--I thought this was the most creative costume for sure!
My darling bumble bee--she loved her costume for about 30 minutes and then she wanted her wings off! Thanks to gramma Ginny for her adorable fluffy yellow swim suit that doubled as a bumblesee suit!
It's amazing how many adults dress up for halloween here! It is HUGE in hawaii! It was so fun that I decided I'm gonna dress up every year! Oh yeah!

This is funny--Max chewing on bread crust one minute.....

The next minute he was out! He mouth was still trying to find the crust though--it was funny!

The foxy pirate, the crazy witch lady (people couldn't figure out how I got orange hair--I never thought they don't use hair color because it doesn't show up on dark hair, who woulda thought), and the cute bumblebee!

THe carnival was friday night and Saturday night was trick or treating, and so it was costume time again! This time Paige did not want to wear her bee again so we pulled out her pink skeleton pajamas and painted her hair pink! She love it! Dane loved being Dark Vader!

The Pink Scary Skeleton!

Mommy and the little skeleton!


Dane is Super Citizen!

Every month at Dane's school the teachers choose 1 or 2 kids from their class to be "Super Citizen" which means they have been kind of the outstanding kids for that month! Anyway--Daner got it last last month! It was a traumatizing day for me cause Mr. Akinaka forgot to tell us! I don't know how he forgot (I'll blame it on he's a typical man that forgets really important things)! So right after Nick took Dane to school he ran in the house and told me, so we jumped up as fast as we could and got to school before the assembly started! It's a big deal here too with balloons and leis and everything you can think of! I was on the verge of tears cause I had nothing for Dane, NOTHING! When I got to the school I had a couple friends there to watch their kids and niece get super citizen and I told them what happened while trying not to completely fall apart--well, they grabbed a couple extra leis they brought and gave them to me to put on Dane! The story ends with a really grateful mommy heart that had the extreme mad to sad to completely grateful all within 30 minutes! And Dane never knew that we didn't know--that was the best part! He loved it and we got to make a poster for his class and it's a big bumblebee transformer with his head on it...I'll don't have a picture of it yet, but I will! So Happy Super Citizen Day Dane!
He was so excited! I love this boy!

His T-ball friend Sia got it too! Cute kids!
I wanted some little naked pics of Max--He's such a darling little guy, so happy and fun! His naked body is adorable! I think he has his mommy's buns (mine are that cute naked too!
(ba haha)

Cute profile picture!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just a cute close up of Paige! I love this girl!
My sweet baby boy--he's trying to figure out what the strange thing that keeps flashing is!
A coupl weeks ago we went to the air show! I remember going to a few when I was young and I knew Dane was gonna love it! We went to a cemetary on top of a hill, with a lot of other people ( I guess that's what they do here) and hung out and watched it! It was incredible! If I was a boy, I would want to be a pilot, of something, a jet, a helicopter, something! I had goose bumps the whole time! They had it at Kaneohe Bay and the planes would fly up into Ka'a'awa Valley and come out and it was breathtaking! Cool!

There are jets around here somewhere--I think I put in the wrong picture!

Dane loves his little brother! He can't get enough of him. He even tries to wake him up when he's sleeping so he can talk, try to make laugh, or sometimes cry, tell him something or want to show him something! It's really cute! It was a fun day--it started out hard, but ended up really fun!

More Family Fun!

In September, Luke and his fun family came for 10 days! We knew it was gonna be hard with 6 little kids, and it was, but it was lots and lots of fun! We just had to do things on their time, and their attitudes! We didn't get to do everything on our list we made, so I think they'll have to come back again soon so we can! Here are some fun memories!

The first day we went to Mala'ekehana and it was not the best beach for kids! We've been before and it was awesome, but everything depends on the time of year--this was not a good time of year for this beach, so we jumped off the tree and played in the sand pretty much the whole time!

Marshall wasn't so sure of the water--

The next day we did the PCC--it's always fun (don't ask mom, she'll tell you otherwise) Max and I waiting for the canoe pageant to start! It was kind of rainy in the morning and a cloudy day is perfect when you're at the PCC, but it all cleared up and it was HOT there! But still fun!

Teonna, Marshall and Paige waiting too! Teonna's soooo excited!

Saki (the one looking) is our upstairs neighbor! They are from Fiji and we love them! They will be lifelong friends of ours!

The cute kids posing in from of some pretty trees! I want Dane in all my pictures--look how fun he is!

We were trying to get a picture of the kids in front of the water fall and this is how it started....

We got the GREAT picture....

And then little funny things started...

The kids were tired and slap-happy!

Such cute kids--they had sooooooooo much fun with their cousins!

I wanted a picture with Luke and I, and for some reason, Luke can't take a cute picture--so this is what we got!

Oh lucky me got two weird pictures!

We rested for a day or two and just hung out close to home! It was fun for Dane and Paige to show Bentlee and Marshall all their fun friends and funny things they do here! Nobody really plays with toys, so they are always finding something to pretend or create! Marshall fit right in with the rowdy aggressive kids around here, but I think a few of them scared Bentlee, she's a little bit more cautious! We decided to go to all the kid friendly beached where the waves were little and there was lots of "beach" to play on! We went to Ko'Olina (one of our favorite spots) and spent the day there!

The Haouli couple if I've seen one--c'mon get a tan already! Just jokin! Hawaii is a lot more fun when you're not sunburned!

The girls love playing together-

This one is pretty self-explanatory! This is one reason I LOVE THE BEACH!

We went to the Dole plantation which was a lot of fun! Bentlee loves pineapple so it was fun for them to see how it all works!
Feeding the big weird gold fish--I know they aren't actual "goldfish" but they are giant and strange looking! The kids loved it!

This darling little guy was a champ--I love Brigham!
We went on the train around the plantation--we loved it! Poor Brigham was sad the whole time, so Luke and Teonna didn't get to enjoy it, but it was really fun! There aren't trains in hawaii and my kids are used to seeing the train in Pima at least a couple times a day--so this was a treat!

Another beach day at Turtle Bay--another great kid beach! The lagoon is nice and calm! Nick and I like to go there and pretend we are on vacation and staying at the hotel with all the richies-

anyway--Luke played some fun water games with the kids and Teonna and I both got to lay out a little--when I say a little, I mean a little! The beach with babies is not always the most relaxing thing!!!

The kids really did have a great time together! I love it here, but I am excited for the day when my little kids get to play with their cousins a lot! Dane and Bentlee both have strong personalities and it's fun to watch them try to get the other one to do what they want--and Paige and Marshall are both crack ups! For about 3 days, marshall called Paige "Max"! He kept saying that she was Max too! I loved playing sequence with Luke and Tee at night and trying to talk Luke into singing like Toby Keith (SOOOOO FUNNY)! I loved Teonna's and my talks at night while the boys were night dive fishing! I loved walking to angel's a getting shave ice! I loved deciding who was gonna sit squished in the middle of the babies and holler at the kids while we were driving (Luke always said he was car sick--yea right!)I loved them getting to see our funny little life here and all the fabulous people that we have come to love! It was so much fun having them! Maybe again!