Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last few days in Pima!

These 4 kids got to play together almost everyday! Bentlee always had Dane and the little ones doing something girly and most days Dane went along with it...this is one of the days!
They pulled out some old nighty things and were being kings and princesses! They would go in the other room and play and it was so funny to hide around the corner and listen to them! I love kid imaginations--funny little kids!

All the pregnant mommas! Keep in mind this is like 10 o'clock at night, so we're not so becoming! Teonna is due any day, Allison in late April and me, the beginning of May! More crazy kids to add! It's so much fun to have babies all at the same time! I do feel sorry for our poor husbands--we are kinda mean!

Babies, Babies everywhere!


BiggsFamily said...

Love the pics of the pregnant mommas! Your all so gorgeous!!!

Becca said...

Ummm, you forgot to give the pregnant info! So exciting! My due date with #3 is Cinco de Mayo... his middle name is going to be Jesus (pronounce that in Spanish). Not very many people get that joke. I get a lot of dirty looks if it's not pronounced "hey-sus." (Like I'd really name my kid Jesus!!) Miss yo crazy face, momma!

Cami D. said...

Well if I would look at your blog I would know you are having a baby! I was at your Mom's house this weekend and someone said something about your mom going there soon for your baby and I was like, "What the Hannah is pregnant?" ha ha I met Marshall for the first time, wow I am a great friend! HA HA I MISS YOU!!