Friday, October 15, 2010

Just a cute close up of Paige! I love this girl!
My sweet baby boy--he's trying to figure out what the strange thing that keeps flashing is!
A coupl weeks ago we went to the air show! I remember going to a few when I was young and I knew Dane was gonna love it! We went to a cemetary on top of a hill, with a lot of other people ( I guess that's what they do here) and hung out and watched it! It was incredible! If I was a boy, I would want to be a pilot, of something, a jet, a helicopter, something! I had goose bumps the whole time! They had it at Kaneohe Bay and the planes would fly up into Ka'a'awa Valley and come out and it was breathtaking! Cool!

There are jets around here somewhere--I think I put in the wrong picture!

Dane loves his little brother! He can't get enough of him. He even tries to wake him up when he's sleeping so he can talk, try to make laugh, or sometimes cry, tell him something or want to show him something! It's really cute! It was a fun day--it started out hard, but ended up really fun!

More Family Fun!

In September, Luke and his fun family came for 10 days! We knew it was gonna be hard with 6 little kids, and it was, but it was lots and lots of fun! We just had to do things on their time, and their attitudes! We didn't get to do everything on our list we made, so I think they'll have to come back again soon so we can! Here are some fun memories!

The first day we went to Mala'ekehana and it was not the best beach for kids! We've been before and it was awesome, but everything depends on the time of year--this was not a good time of year for this beach, so we jumped off the tree and played in the sand pretty much the whole time!

Marshall wasn't so sure of the water--

The next day we did the PCC--it's always fun (don't ask mom, she'll tell you otherwise) Max and I waiting for the canoe pageant to start! It was kind of rainy in the morning and a cloudy day is perfect when you're at the PCC, but it all cleared up and it was HOT there! But still fun!

Teonna, Marshall and Paige waiting too! Teonna's soooo excited!

Saki (the one looking) is our upstairs neighbor! They are from Fiji and we love them! They will be lifelong friends of ours!

The cute kids posing in from of some pretty trees! I want Dane in all my pictures--look how fun he is!

We were trying to get a picture of the kids in front of the water fall and this is how it started....

We got the GREAT picture....

And then little funny things started...

The kids were tired and slap-happy!

Such cute kids--they had sooooooooo much fun with their cousins!

I wanted a picture with Luke and I, and for some reason, Luke can't take a cute picture--so this is what we got!

Oh lucky me got two weird pictures!

We rested for a day or two and just hung out close to home! It was fun for Dane and Paige to show Bentlee and Marshall all their fun friends and funny things they do here! Nobody really plays with toys, so they are always finding something to pretend or create! Marshall fit right in with the rowdy aggressive kids around here, but I think a few of them scared Bentlee, she's a little bit more cautious! We decided to go to all the kid friendly beached where the waves were little and there was lots of "beach" to play on! We went to Ko'Olina (one of our favorite spots) and spent the day there!

The Haouli couple if I've seen one--c'mon get a tan already! Just jokin! Hawaii is a lot more fun when you're not sunburned!

The girls love playing together-

This one is pretty self-explanatory! This is one reason I LOVE THE BEACH!

We went to the Dole plantation which was a lot of fun! Bentlee loves pineapple so it was fun for them to see how it all works!
Feeding the big weird gold fish--I know they aren't actual "goldfish" but they are giant and strange looking! The kids loved it!

This darling little guy was a champ--I love Brigham!
We went on the train around the plantation--we loved it! Poor Brigham was sad the whole time, so Luke and Teonna didn't get to enjoy it, but it was really fun! There aren't trains in hawaii and my kids are used to seeing the train in Pima at least a couple times a day--so this was a treat!

Another beach day at Turtle Bay--another great kid beach! The lagoon is nice and calm! Nick and I like to go there and pretend we are on vacation and staying at the hotel with all the richies-

anyway--Luke played some fun water games with the kids and Teonna and I both got to lay out a little--when I say a little, I mean a little! The beach with babies is not always the most relaxing thing!!!

The kids really did have a great time together! I love it here, but I am excited for the day when my little kids get to play with their cousins a lot! Dane and Bentlee both have strong personalities and it's fun to watch them try to get the other one to do what they want--and Paige and Marshall are both crack ups! For about 3 days, marshall called Paige "Max"! He kept saying that she was Max too! I loved playing sequence with Luke and Tee at night and trying to talk Luke into singing like Toby Keith (SOOOOO FUNNY)! I loved Teonna's and my talks at night while the boys were night dive fishing! I loved walking to angel's a getting shave ice! I loved deciding who was gonna sit squished in the middle of the babies and holler at the kids while we were driving (Luke always said he was car sick--yea right!)I loved them getting to see our funny little life here and all the fabulous people that we have come to love! It was so much fun having them! Maybe again!

Some funny little memories!

We have some of the funnest friend here and a last month in between term and fall semester we decided to camp!'s not exactly the camping that I'm used to! um...first of all we camped at Hukilau beach which is 2 minutes from our house and hauling a load of stuff 2 minutes down the road is pretty much too much work for me. soooo--we took the bare neccesities and it was lots of fun, welllll.....what we got to stay there... with kids throwing up and Nick having to go to work everyday, and it happening to be a crazy week for everyone! A couple nights some friends had their kareoke machine and it was CRAZY FUNNY! I was never a kareokier--oh oh Now I am a kareoker! Anyway, when you come to hawaii and check out any of the campsites on the weekends, you'll see what we did! The kids LOVED it and I really hope we get to do it again! Not the most becoming picture of us, but hey-we're camping! Kinda!?!

This is how tired Dane was one night--he said he was gonna take a rest in Max's seat, about 5 seconds later--he was OUT!

Paige is a funny little girl! She thinks she is a lot older than she is and she doesn't want to miss out on anything! Two funny Dane is a "I want that" kid, you see it, he wants it! So the other morning they were watching cartoons and this jet thing was advertised and Dane starting yelling, "mom come in here, I want to show you what I want" so obedient mom that I am huried in the family room and he showed me the jet thing. A few seconds later Paige came over to me and said, "mom, I want one of those too--but can you get me a pink one?" And then ever since then, if Dane wants something, Paige wants the same thing, but a pink one! She was very serious too!
This is what happens after Dane goes to school--Paige plays with his toys! It's really funny, cause she'll get his ramps and little cars and this day she got his gun! She's a smart little girl!

The other funny story...the other night I took Dane and Paige on a walk after Max was asleep and Nick was studying. Lately we've been having problems with pestering, both of them can't keep their hands to themselves, sooo--we made a family rule chart and they picked the rules--that's a funny story in itself, (another time), when we were walking Paige kept doing something to Dane's head, I don't know what, but it was bugging him. I told her to keep her hands to herself and put her hands back in her lap and she said to me,"you keep your hands to yourself' I told her "sweetie, I am keeping my hands to myself" She said, "no you're not, see you're not" You might be thinking what a snotty little girl, but first I don't think she even knows what she's saying, and her attitude is hilarious! I might not think that in a few years, but I had to hide my face cause I was trying not to laugh! She always has something to say, and it's usually funny!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I can't even believe it!

Yes--I'm still behind...My mom, dad, Allison, Brinee and Ruby came to play with us for 10 days--sooooo fun! We waited for almost 2 months from buying tickets to actually coming--Oh happy day! Loooovved it!

This is Allison's excited face just in case you couldn't tell--poor Ruby doesn't know what the heck is going on! She's till trying to recover from the 6 hour plane ride!

Mom and the 2 newest grand-babies! Max and Ruby are now little friends!

Dad had a serious case of sleeeeepy! It didn't take him long to find a corner of the couch to zonk in!

The little ones flayling their arms at eachother--that's what we did a lot of the time--look at babies!

At the beach--Paige and ma diane playin in the sand!

Allison says she would love to take Paige for her own--she's a lucky little girl to have so many people love her! She is a JOY to have for a little girl!

The babies chillin at the water park! I don't know why this is the only picture I have of this day--it was really fun!

We went to Kualoa Ranch--way cool! we took a movie sites/ranch tour and rode in an old green bus! We all loved it!

This is up ka'a'awa valley--heaps of movies have been made up this canyon!

Max was so tired (and a little confused) he was trying to get something yummy from papa Danny! (or his shirt anyway!)

Nick loves taking pictures with me--can't you tell!

It was gorgeous--ever bit of this island is gorgeous though!

A big scary ostrich that we were all trying to make do something besides dig his face in his big ol' weird looking body! Look at one close next time--it's strange!

Going on a horse back ride--a fake one anyway! We like calm fake horses!

Mom and her girls! I think we are the two luckiest girls in the whole world!

My darling little pumpkin head--ugh I love this boy!

My other pumpkin head at the beach! I could literally eat her up she is so delicious!

It was such a fun time having family here--I won't lie, it's hard....but sooooooo fun! People think that everyday here is vacation, but real life happens like school, work, bills, groceries, dirty laundry, messy house, crying kids, grumpy husbands, BUT there is nowhere I'd rather be right now! It's funny when family comes and then leaves because at first I feel a weird little abandoned feeling and then it's like "what the heck--this is gonna be over before I know it, quit being sad"