Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter this year was funny! On the saturday before, we always have an easter picnic, well, this year we didn't. Only 3 of the 5 kids in the Hoopes family were gonna be here and Dane and Addysen were the only ones that were big enough to hunt eggs (Paige would have tried, but it's a battle with Dane and Addysen) anyway, Ady and Dane fight like a cat and a dog, so Adam and I decided it would be easier not to have a picnic cause it would not have been a pleasant day. And after all that, Adam ended up flying that weekend! So my mom, Allison and I went to Tucson and went shopping. My awesome husband and dad played with the kids. Ahhhh! Easter Sunday was stinkin cold, so our egg hunt lasted about 1 minute! Then we just made messes with the toys and goodies in the easter baskets! Here are some cute Easter Pictures...

Happy Easter 2009!
These pics were taken about 5 minutes before church started so, it was a rushed photo shoot!

Dane doing his famous weirdo faces...
Another weirdo face...

I love my precious kids! They make me a happy mom!

I forgot to turn this one--dangit...anyway, Dane is becoming very independent and the other day he told me he was gonna dress himself, well he did and he was walking kinda funny and kept pulling at his shorts, so I peeked down the back of his shorts to see what the problem was, and here was the problem! Wall-E was in his buns! He's a funny little guy!

I just like taking pictures of my funny kids--here are some cute ones at the beginning of the day when they are both clean!


The Hoopes family loves weenie-roasts a.k.a cook out...we will find any excuse to go on one out in the hills to ride 4-wheelers and eat food! A couple weeks ago, Tanner and his cute family came home and so we headed out to the hills! It was lots of fun, here are a couple pics I took... Tanner and Paige--he's gettin a sweet little girl in a couple of months! He's gonna be a changed man!
Everyone makin dumb faces--it's tradition in our family!

And I thought this would be funny just cause Tanner thinks he's pretty hot--not so much right now brother! That is NOT attractive! ha ha!