Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Precious Paige!

Paige's birthday was Feb 27th and it was one of the weirdest days of my life...it all started at 3 in the morning when we got word that a sunami was headed for the hawaiian islands! WHAT THE??? Anyway, they didn't know exactly what was gonna happen but they calculated it would hit Oahu at around 11:30 am! So we packed up food and clothes and I probably shook my head back and forth at least a million times saying "what the heck is going on here" Well, by about 5:30 am most of TVA had gone up to the backside of the Temple where I guess we are supposed to go in an emergency like this, but our whole building just decided to wait and see (have stuff ready though just in case) and get up to the second level of the building if we needed to. SO...in total and complete confusion of my poor little girl's 2nd birthday--we decided to have her little party anyway! It was supposed to be a back yard water/slip and slide party, but it ended up being a funny little red rover/ring around the rosy party with all the kids in our building that stayed home! It ended up being really fun! And the sunami was quite small by the time it hit the islands--so we were totally safe! People around here were kinda disappointed and again I say "WHAT THE" Whoever the heck is disappointed a sunami doesn't hit needs to be hit! HARD!

Nick took this around 8 am--he was taking a "before" picture!
On with the party! Paige loved her day anyway!

My birthday girl! My heart literally goes pitter patter with this little girl!

Digging in the her funny fairy cake I stayed up making half the night--I think I'll stick to buying fancy cakes or I need to grow some more patience! This one cooked my goose!

Did I mention my cute Dad just got here the day before and he got to enjoy all the excitement! I'm glad he was here! AND he got to play some wild Ring Around The Rosy! These kids are adorable!

After games we all had pink cupcakes and pink ice cream cones cause that is what Paige wanted! All the cute girls on the steps in front of our door!

All the birthday party kids except a few! See--not one of them seems stressed about a sunami! All in all it was a fun day, a crazy long as ever day being that it started about 3 am, but it was a fun birthday!
Paige's favorite things she got were; a new baby with the cutest little baby blanket from Gramma Judy, a princess chair (she loves little chairs and stools lately), a strawberry shortcake doll, from Allison, that you can put makeup on (she loves to make things "look so pretty"), her bag of suprises from Momma Diane, and her potty training Barbie babysitter that came with a little sister Barbie that sits on the potty! She got some pretty funny stuff too--like her favorite snacks and some juice! In hawaii-you get neccesities for your birthday! She loved her day! And she couldn't bring her mom and dad more JOY and happiness!

Kaneohe Hot Rod Show!

We just discovered that every third sat. night in Kaneohe there is a Hot Rod show! We were so impressed--we had no idea that cars like this would be in hawaii! I thought old rusty ones like the ones my dad has would be here instead! We had a great time! Dane was in absolute Hot Rod Heaven!
He likes this El Camino! And he's trying to shaka--he's concentrating pretty hard!

He thinks we need a buggy like this! I think so too!

My cute family by an I think a '57! Dad, you know?

I liked this one the best! Old cars make me happy!

This one is another of Dane's favorites! He loves all the ones with the motor showing the best! There are a bunch more pictures and most of them were taken by Dane--he's quite the photographer! I'm not joking when I say he has the same Hot Rod bug my Dad has! Dane makes all the loud engine sounds and the tire screeching sounds and he just loves it all! Take this kid to a free car show--and it's a happy life!

Random cute pictures!

We got a fun valentines box from momma Diane and it had silly string in it! Dane thought it was amazing and Paige was terrified of it! Dane and a few naighbor kids had a hay day spraying eachother for about 5 minutes until it was gone! Paige pretty much bawled the entire time they were spraying eachother! It was funny!
Dane biffed it on his bike! He cried for like 30 seconds until he saw his knee and then he thought it was awesome that he had a bloody knee!

Our funny little neighbor girls all sitting on the step eating snacks! The one on the left is Mela (from fiji) and she lives upstairs, then Rachel lives next to us and all these girls are within a month of being the same age! They are so funny together--their new thing is to yank eachother's hair and you can see that Mela obviously has the funnest hair to yank so we have to protect her from Rachel and Paige! I love that Paige has her own little friends! And adorable ones too!

This girl is definately Hannah's daughter! She LOVES her barbies! She likes this one a lot cause it has "pink" glasses like her...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Funny Dane!

Dane is my mischievious child and if it's quiet or there's a little cackle of giddiness--it usually means something is going on that shouldn't be! This is a sunday morning and Dane pulls my camera out of my purse while he's eating breakfast and a little while later he's snappin pictures of all sorts of stuff. So later I'm looking at the pictures and these are only about half of what he took! I'm halfway embarrased but I think it's really cute and funny what he thinks is fun to take pictures of!
Some of his monster trucks and cars...
His undies in a bucket...

Handy Manny on TV...
Morning Mommy--aren't you glad I get ready for the day!!!!

Aren't you jealous of what I wake up to every morning...

The funny little sister...

oops I already did this one!

And then of course a self photo! This kid has the best imagination and he wants to know how everything works and where everything comes from and why everything is the way it is and he doesn't neccesarily want Nick or I to tell him--he wants to think about it and figure it out on his own! I love my sunday morning photographer!

Another Fun Family Day!

Nick and I have decided that since we aren't gonna be here that long, we need to see everything we can! This place is the Bishop's museum, (names after some people with the last name Bishop I'm pretty sure), anyway it's a little bit of everything...science, funny, Hawaiian history and cultural stuff! It was pretty cool!
Nick and the kids playing in the bug costumes! There was one building with a volcano and all sorts of cool science stuff and at the very top was a tree house thing which we ended up at for quite a while playing in the bugs!
Paige being I think a bee! I think!

On the giant snale! This was a favorite feature! Dane said he was the snale driver!

In front of just a cool tree! If you've never seen the roots of trees in hawaii--it's incredible! The roots are all above the ground! Both kids are making goofy faces--I think they are mocking me because I'm so fascinated by the crazy roots!

This is inside this huge hawaiian culture building...with lots of breakable things (notice Dane's face because he started to get a little out of control with the touching and running)! After this place we went to the space building with all the outer space things--I guess hawaii is pretty big into navigation stuff! It was a great day! I have to remember something funny Dane said...last sunday our ward Bishop was talking to me in the hall and Dane kept interupting, I told him to wait just a second while I talk to the Bishop, and he said, "Mom, you can talk to the Bishop at the Bishop museum, not at primary!"

Food Fest Spring 2010

Food Fest is always exciting! Good Food! Good Entertainment! Just Good stuff!
The kiddos playin in the jumphouse! Paige likes watching more than jumping inside with all the wild ones! Dane was definately one of the wild ones!
This is backwards, but this is what happened walking home! Yeeaahhh! I love sleepy kids!

BYU really knows how to have fun! Really--they have lots of things for everyone to enjoy! This is at the beginning of the night so it's not that busy, but give it another hour and it's packed!

Dane at the run/target thing! He isn't quite sure what to think of this one! He wants to be big enough to do all the hard ones, and it ticks him off when he doesn't get to because he's "too little"
I had a meeting with some members of the general primary board in Mililani this night, so I only got to be around for a little bit! Nick was flyin solo and of course he did awesome! And the meeting was wonderful too! Primary takes LOTS of work!

Fun Family Beach Days!

We try to have a family day every saturday doing something...this day was a beach day! The kids have really gotten excited about the beach and water! We found (with some help from friends) some awesome places to go with little kids where there is reef and so it makes like a swimming pool instead of waves! When summer comes the water is alot more still, but all through the winter it's rough so Turtle Bay beach and Ko'Olina are perfect!
Miss independant Paige doesn't want help with anything, including putting on snorkel gear!
Mommy and Paige gettin a hawaiian tan! We are trying to blend in, but my kids hair just keeps getting lighter!

This is Dane's favorite toy at the beach--he pushes it everywhere! I don't know what this kid would do without a dump truck!

Happy little girl!

This is at Turtle Bay beach! This one is fun to go to cause it's close and there aren't waves! Nick and I are still working on our beach bodies! It's too hard with so much good food around here! The beach is definately the best FREE entertainment here! Probably the best entertainment anyway! Aloha