Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back in Hawaii!

It feels good to be back in hawaii in the flow of school and normal life! The other night was our neighbors' kid's 1st birthday and birthdays are huge here! They had the BYU gameroom and lots of yummy food and all the games to play! It was super fun!
Dane and Paige playing the Wii! Paige isn't too into it!

Oh, but her dad is into this...rock band! Nick would play this day and night if we had it! Look how much fun they are all having!?! Oh...Nick says they are concentrating!

Nick took the kids to the beach while I worked on primary stuff last saturday! For some reason they came home with their swim suits off! hmmm...
All behind is the TVA--the apartments where we live. It's like one big crazy mormon family compound!

THIS is Dane's new bike! Here's the deal with this...when we moved here, Dane got a new little tikes 3wheeler thing, and a couple weeks before we took off for home, I found it completely destroyed, so that ticked me straight off! Soo, for Christmas he got a cool flame razor scooter that he loved and two days after we got back-- it was gone! We found it a few days after that and then the next day it was gone again! By far the most irritating thing about living in TVA and that it doesn't matter whose it is and they even have names and apt. numbers on them, other kids take them home and sometimes--you never see them again...hence Dane now has a rusty bike that we found by the dumpster and he got to pick the paint! BUT--he loves it and I don't think anyone is gonna want to take it! ;) We said we'd get a new bike when he learns to ride without training wheels, but it might be when we get back to the mainland! I'm so happy Dane loves this funky little bike so much! See...he's learning to be a simple hawaiian kid!!!!!!!!
Happy Days!

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Nicole Palmer said...

LOVE the nakie hugging pic!! LOL!!