Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A WHOLE LOT goin on!

Wow- time flies! I think about blogging all the time but for some reason (until now) have found "more important" things to do instead! Blah! Blah! Blah! I know--so there have been heaps of fun things going on...the most exciting of course is our little man is finally here! WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY MAX CYRIL DERUSHA! He's perfect by the way! He came May 10th at 8:58 p.m. he was 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 3/4 in.! He came out with the same little scowl on his face like our other two did! He's darling and is a pretty calm guy as long as his tummy is full! Dane and Paige are nuts about him--he causes at least 10 fights at our house every day! "He's looking at me, NOOO- he's looking at me!" is usually how it goes! So needless to say our days have gotten a little more complicated! No more hop up and head to the beach, at least not for a few weeks! He's gonna have to figure our how to be a hawaii beach baby real quick! I do have to say, Nick and I are both ecstatic to have our growing little family and in the hospital Nick said Max's birth wasn't as emotional as the other two, but just really, really exciting that now we have brothers and now it's "Nick and his boys!" He's such a proud, happy dad! Anyway--Life is Good! Real Good!
Here's Max...

Dr. Foley--such a great doctor! I'd like to have him deliver a few more of mine--he rocked!

I think that's a DeRusha face...I swear I've seen it before!

He makes me happy!

And here's the PROUD, HAPPY dad! (I think it's because they all come out looking like him!)
It really was a cool (and hard) experience being by ourselves for Max's birth! My mom flew in the day after, but I'm glad we got to figure it out on our own! Both of our kids were in the delivery room cause Dane fell apart at our neighbors house, so they brought him to the hospital and Paige was with us all day--she doesn't like her dad out of her sight! Don't get me wrong--life got a lot easier once my mom got here, but I'm thankful for the entire experience! I know it's a "once in a lifetime" one! Max is perfect and healthy and perfect! Oh...did I say that already???