Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cute Cute Cute!

I can't forget this...too funny!
(the scene) This past sunday I was doin something in the kitchen before church and Nick and the kids were driving little cars and monster trucks all over some blankets in the family room...
Dane: "You can't beat me, I'm chick hicks" (in this horrible monster voice)
Paige: (following Dane's path trying to talk in the same horrible monster voice) "Oh yeah, I'm a Child of God"
I couldn't believe it--I started laughing and couldn't stop for a little while!
p.s. if you do a monster voice and say it, you'll get the full affect!


Janel said...

That is hilarious!!!!! I Love it! Thanks for all the pictures and updates, I wish we could have seen you more when you were here!!

Love you!

Derushas said...

Amen to Janel's comment. Thanks for the pics!! Loved them all. Can one family be more photogenic? We miss you all, didn't see near enough of you while you were here. Dane, loved your bike! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Love all the new posts!! I hadn't heard that you were preggers!! That is so exciting!! Do you know what your having? How fun to have 3 sisters pregnant around the same time, cousins rock!! Miss ya!

Camille said...

sooooooo CUTE!