Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random cute pictures!

We got a fun valentines box from momma Diane and it had silly string in it! Dane thought it was amazing and Paige was terrified of it! Dane and a few naighbor kids had a hay day spraying eachother for about 5 minutes until it was gone! Paige pretty much bawled the entire time they were spraying eachother! It was funny!
Dane biffed it on his bike! He cried for like 30 seconds until he saw his knee and then he thought it was awesome that he had a bloody knee!

Our funny little neighbor girls all sitting on the step eating snacks! The one on the left is Mela (from fiji) and she lives upstairs, then Rachel lives next to us and all these girls are within a month of being the same age! They are so funny together--their new thing is to yank eachother's hair and you can see that Mela obviously has the funnest hair to yank so we have to protect her from Rachel and Paige! I love that Paige has her own little friends! And adorable ones too!

This girl is definately Hannah's daughter! She LOVES her barbies! She likes this one a lot cause it has "pink" glasses like her...

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Nicole Palmer said...

I love your little blondies amongst all the darkies! So cute!! It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. Good job on P's b-day cake - it looks really great!