Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kaneohe Hot Rod Show!

We just discovered that every third sat. night in Kaneohe there is a Hot Rod show! We were so impressed--we had no idea that cars like this would be in hawaii! I thought old rusty ones like the ones my dad has would be here instead! We had a great time! Dane was in absolute Hot Rod Heaven!
He likes this El Camino! And he's trying to shaka--he's concentrating pretty hard!

He thinks we need a buggy like this! I think so too!

My cute family by an I think a '57! Dad, you know?

I liked this one the best! Old cars make me happy!

This one is another of Dane's favorites! He loves all the ones with the motor showing the best! There are a bunch more pictures and most of them were taken by Dane--he's quite the photographer! I'm not joking when I say he has the same Hot Rod bug my Dad has! Dane makes all the loud engine sounds and the tire screeching sounds and he just loves it all! Take this kid to a free car show--and it's a happy life!

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