Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Fun Family Day!

Nick and I have decided that since we aren't gonna be here that long, we need to see everything we can! This place is the Bishop's museum, (names after some people with the last name Bishop I'm pretty sure), anyway it's a little bit of, funny, Hawaiian history and cultural stuff! It was pretty cool!
Nick and the kids playing in the bug costumes! There was one building with a volcano and all sorts of cool science stuff and at the very top was a tree house thing which we ended up at for quite a while playing in the bugs!
Paige being I think a bee! I think!

On the giant snale! This was a favorite feature! Dane said he was the snale driver!

In front of just a cool tree! If you've never seen the roots of trees in hawaii--it's incredible! The roots are all above the ground! Both kids are making goofy faces--I think they are mocking me because I'm so fascinated by the crazy roots!

This is inside this huge hawaiian culture building...with lots of breakable things (notice Dane's face because he started to get a little out of control with the touching and running)! After this place we went to the space building with all the outer space things--I guess hawaii is pretty big into navigation stuff! It was a great day! I have to remember something funny Dane said...last sunday our ward Bishop was talking to me in the hall and Dane kept interupting, I told him to wait just a second while I talk to the Bishop, and he said, "Mom, you can talk to the Bishop at the Bishop museum, not at primary!"

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