Monday, March 8, 2010

Food Fest Spring 2010

Food Fest is always exciting! Good Food! Good Entertainment! Just Good stuff!
The kiddos playin in the jumphouse! Paige likes watching more than jumping inside with all the wild ones! Dane was definately one of the wild ones!
This is backwards, but this is what happened walking home! Yeeaahhh! I love sleepy kids!

BYU really knows how to have fun! Really--they have lots of things for everyone to enjoy! This is at the beginning of the night so it's not that busy, but give it another hour and it's packed!

Dane at the run/target thing! He isn't quite sure what to think of this one! He wants to be big enough to do all the hard ones, and it ticks him off when he doesn't get to because he's "too little"
I had a meeting with some members of the general primary board in Mililani this night, so I only got to be around for a little bit! Nick was flyin solo and of course he did awesome! And the meeting was wonderful too! Primary takes LOTS of work!

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