Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Family Beach Days!

We try to have a family day every saturday doing something...this day was a beach day! The kids have really gotten excited about the beach and water! We found (with some help from friends) some awesome places to go with little kids where there is reef and so it makes like a swimming pool instead of waves! When summer comes the water is alot more still, but all through the winter it's rough so Turtle Bay beach and Ko'Olina are perfect!
Miss independant Paige doesn't want help with anything, including putting on snorkel gear!
Mommy and Paige gettin a hawaiian tan! We are trying to blend in, but my kids hair just keeps getting lighter!

This is Dane's favorite toy at the beach--he pushes it everywhere! I don't know what this kid would do without a dump truck!

Happy little girl!

This is at Turtle Bay beach! This one is fun to go to cause it's close and there aren't waves! Nick and I are still working on our beach bodies! It's too hard with so much good food around here! The beach is definately the best FREE entertainment here! Probably the best entertainment anyway! Aloha


Heidi Bryce said...

Your family is so cute. It is beautiful there. I just don't think I will ever be able to convince Chad to take me there. Imagine that.

Derushas said...

Just loved all the pics! Thanks so much for sending the pics and filling us in on your time in Hawaii. I do hope we make it there before you leave. Glad Paige had a fun birthday, and someday you'll be able to tell her how the tsunami heard it was her birthday and decided not to visit Hawaii. You are a great family! Love mom.