Friday, October 15, 2010

Just a cute close up of Paige! I love this girl!
My sweet baby boy--he's trying to figure out what the strange thing that keeps flashing is!
A coupl weeks ago we went to the air show! I remember going to a few when I was young and I knew Dane was gonna love it! We went to a cemetary on top of a hill, with a lot of other people ( I guess that's what they do here) and hung out and watched it! It was incredible! If I was a boy, I would want to be a pilot, of something, a jet, a helicopter, something! I had goose bumps the whole time! They had it at Kaneohe Bay and the planes would fly up into Ka'a'awa Valley and come out and it was breathtaking! Cool!

There are jets around here somewhere--I think I put in the wrong picture!

Dane loves his little brother! He can't get enough of him. He even tries to wake him up when he's sleeping so he can talk, try to make laugh, or sometimes cry, tell him something or want to show him something! It's really cute! It was a fun day--it started out hard, but ended up really fun!


Janel said...

Thank you Thank you for all the fun updates!!! Although it just makes me wish we could come and visit! UGH! You have such a precious family. What a fun adventure!!!

Cami D. said...

Ha ha ha oh Hannie I love you more than you know! I LOVED reading through this filled with your Hannah-ness and even talking to yourself. Dangit I miss you. you look Fantastic!! Love you!!

Brian and Allison Ellerman said...

Thank you for making my day by putting all of these adorable pictures up! I love them, especially all the ones of the kids by the PCC waterfall, how hilarious! And the cute one of Dane is Max's little chair, and the ones of all the kids sacked out in the back seat! Andddd... I love you!