Thursday, October 7, 2010

I can't even believe it!

Yes--I'm still behind...My mom, dad, Allison, Brinee and Ruby came to play with us for 10 days--sooooo fun! We waited for almost 2 months from buying tickets to actually coming--Oh happy day! Loooovved it!

This is Allison's excited face just in case you couldn't tell--poor Ruby doesn't know what the heck is going on! She's till trying to recover from the 6 hour plane ride!

Mom and the 2 newest grand-babies! Max and Ruby are now little friends!

Dad had a serious case of sleeeeepy! It didn't take him long to find a corner of the couch to zonk in!

The little ones flayling their arms at eachother--that's what we did a lot of the time--look at babies!

At the beach--Paige and ma diane playin in the sand!

Allison says she would love to take Paige for her own--she's a lucky little girl to have so many people love her! She is a JOY to have for a little girl!

The babies chillin at the water park! I don't know why this is the only picture I have of this day--it was really fun!

We went to Kualoa Ranch--way cool! we took a movie sites/ranch tour and rode in an old green bus! We all loved it!

This is up ka'a'awa valley--heaps of movies have been made up this canyon!

Max was so tired (and a little confused) he was trying to get something yummy from papa Danny! (or his shirt anyway!)

Nick loves taking pictures with me--can't you tell!

It was gorgeous--ever bit of this island is gorgeous though!

A big scary ostrich that we were all trying to make do something besides dig his face in his big ol' weird looking body! Look at one close next time--it's strange!

Going on a horse back ride--a fake one anyway! We like calm fake horses!

Mom and her girls! I think we are the two luckiest girls in the whole world!

My darling little pumpkin head--ugh I love this boy!

My other pumpkin head at the beach! I could literally eat her up she is so delicious!

It was such a fun time having family here--I won't lie, it's hard....but sooooooo fun! People think that everyday here is vacation, but real life happens like school, work, bills, groceries, dirty laundry, messy house, crying kids, grumpy husbands, BUT there is nowhere I'd rather be right now! It's funny when family comes and then leaves because at first I feel a weird little abandoned feeling and then it's like "what the heck--this is gonna be over before I know it, quit being sad"

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