Friday, October 15, 2010

Some funny little memories!

We have some of the funnest friend here and a last month in between term and fall semester we decided to camp!'s not exactly the camping that I'm used to! um...first of all we camped at Hukilau beach which is 2 minutes from our house and hauling a load of stuff 2 minutes down the road is pretty much too much work for me. soooo--we took the bare neccesities and it was lots of fun, welllll.....what we got to stay there... with kids throwing up and Nick having to go to work everyday, and it happening to be a crazy week for everyone! A couple nights some friends had their kareoke machine and it was CRAZY FUNNY! I was never a kareokier--oh oh Now I am a kareoker! Anyway, when you come to hawaii and check out any of the campsites on the weekends, you'll see what we did! The kids LOVED it and I really hope we get to do it again! Not the most becoming picture of us, but hey-we're camping! Kinda!?!

This is how tired Dane was one night--he said he was gonna take a rest in Max's seat, about 5 seconds later--he was OUT!

Paige is a funny little girl! She thinks she is a lot older than she is and she doesn't want to miss out on anything! Two funny Dane is a "I want that" kid, you see it, he wants it! So the other morning they were watching cartoons and this jet thing was advertised and Dane starting yelling, "mom come in here, I want to show you what I want" so obedient mom that I am huried in the family room and he showed me the jet thing. A few seconds later Paige came over to me and said, "mom, I want one of those too--but can you get me a pink one?" And then ever since then, if Dane wants something, Paige wants the same thing, but a pink one! She was very serious too!
This is what happens after Dane goes to school--Paige plays with his toys! It's really funny, cause she'll get his ramps and little cars and this day she got his gun! She's a smart little girl!

The other funny story...the other night I took Dane and Paige on a walk after Max was asleep and Nick was studying. Lately we've been having problems with pestering, both of them can't keep their hands to themselves, sooo--we made a family rule chart and they picked the rules--that's a funny story in itself, (another time), when we were walking Paige kept doing something to Dane's head, I don't know what, but it was bugging him. I told her to keep her hands to herself and put her hands back in her lap and she said to me,"you keep your hands to yourself' I told her "sweetie, I am keeping my hands to myself" She said, "no you're not, see you're not" You might be thinking what a snotty little girl, but first I don't think she even knows what she's saying, and her attitude is hilarious! I might not think that in a few years, but I had to hide my face cause I was trying not to laugh! She always has something to say, and it's usually funny!

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Sarah Ida said...

Hannah... I don't have your phone number. :( if you have mine, you should call me. ... maybe I have an email address or something so I'll try writing to you. I love your blog!! I'm so jealous you're in Hawaii!!!