Thursday, October 7, 2010

My little boy is BIG!

So I'm only a couple of months past due--but I have to get it all in! The second week of August Dane started school! Yup-my little guy goes to kindergarten! He never even went to preschool! When we moved here we tried to get him into headstart,but there was never any room, so...they do school year from january to december here, so since Dane will turn 5 in December, he had to start school! He was excited, but a little traumatized for a few weeks! I was sad he didn't get to play all day and run around like a free bird anymore! He loves it now! So here are a few pics on the first day of school!

Happy Dane!
Sitting down at his desk! His teachers name is Mr. Akinaka and Dane really likes having a boy teacher!


Paige wanted her first day of school picture too! We are not used to waking up early--I've spent 4 years training my kids to sleep in and now I have to re-train them to wake up early and happy! Not my favorite thing--we're still working on that one!


km_johnson said...

Little Daners starting school! Miss you guys!!

Derushas said...

Can't believe Dane is in school! I still remember taking Nick to the Little Red School House for preschool! My how time flys! Love you guys!