Friday, July 30, 2010

Funny Kids!

I think I have pretty funny kids! I know most kids are funny, but I think mine are extra clever! Here are a few examples...

Paige says these are her "kneefites" or "nephites" or "knee fights" however you want to say it...look closely what it is...they are my nursing pads! I don't take the stickers off on the back and I pulled them out so I could nurse Max one day and she pulled the stickers off the back and put them on her knees and said, "look mom, at my kneefites!" I started laughing pretty hard and couldn't wait till Nick got home to show him! I think she's confused, because we talked about the Nephites a few days before for family night, and she and Dane are always playing "warriors" and they make shields and stuff out of random things, so....Paige's kneefites! See, clever!
Dane is the champion inventor of anything that I throw away--he sees the potential in junk! He pulled out a black foam plate thing that some huli chicken was on and went in his room, well, about 15 minutes later he came out looking like this--a transformer! I say we already have a halloween costume ready--yeah! Hey-he thinks it's cool!

Dane always likes the bad guys, so he said he's a mean transformer! It's amazing what he comes up with...

Here is his mean partner--Dane made a costume for his dad too!

This is just a cute picture of Paige and Mela--these two are best friends that love to put the other one in time out...this is what I hear a lot...."Mela, stop or you're going to time out" "No Paige, you go to time out" I giggle every time! They are adorable little friends!

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Derushas said...

I just love the pics you send. Just wish we could get to Hawaii and hold Max and give loves to Dane and Paige. We really miss you guys! Now I hear you won't be home until the Spring and I'm very sad. I understand why, but I had this picture in my mind of the four "new" little boy cousins, lined up altogether. Oh well. They'll just be a little older when we get to do that. Love to all of you. Thanks for texting the pics. I love showing them off! Love, Mom