Friday, July 30, 2010

It's all Max!

Max is the most wonderful little guy--he's so content and happy! He loves to "talk" and he just started half giggling the other day--soooo cute! Dane and Paige can't get enough of him, especially Dane. Every time he runs in the house when he's been out playing, he has to stop and give Max a dirty kiss on his head! He thinks Max is pretty much the greatest thing on earth...he's not the only one!

The cute boys at the beach--Max isn't too sure about the beach yet--he's starting to stay awake more, so he sits and watches while everyone else plays. He's gonna LOVE it when he gets to play too!
I know it's kinda blurry, but his little sleeping face is so adorable!

His concerned look!

This is what you get when you are Paige's little brother...a ride in her dolly stroller! He doesn't seem that big until he's in there! By the way, he stayed in there for quite a while!

My two darling boys! Dane tried to make bunk beds out of cardboard boxes the other day--he asked about 10 times if he and Max could sleep in them! I love when boys have brothers!
Max is almost 3 months, he loves to smile and jibber jabber to anyone that will take a minute to do it! All I know is Max is gonna be a fun kid!

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Heidi Bryce said...

He is very cute. Boys really are fun. I am hoping to be having my little GIRL in about 3-4 weeks. I might need some pointers. Have fun!!