Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day at the Aquarium!

This was back in April so I'm a few months off, but I need to put it in for journal reasons...
The aqarium in Waikiki is small but really cool-they have inside and outside stuff and my kids thought it was awesome, and they didn't get worn out from all the walking! Yea!
I don't love taking pictures when I'm pregnant, but I thought I could get away with looking small if I took one next to a giant tree-- Dane next to the water snake--he thinks stuff like this is really great!

Paige liked the "bubble fish" she kept saying. I'm not sure why she called it that, maybe because you looked through a big circle bubble thing!

Mr. Cool with his cute kids!

Red faced Paige taking a rest!
Family outings are always a little hard, but always worth it!

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Brian and Allison Ellerman said...

Thank you for posting Han! I have a huge smile on my face right now! All I know is when people said you wouldnt love your nieces and nephews the same once you have your own baby... they are all liars! My heart still "yearns" for Paige and Dane just as much as it yearned before Ruby came! (My heart doesnt know Max just yet, but it will yearn for him soon enough!) I love you guys so so much! I cant wait to squeeze the heck out of you in... 32 more days!