Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last week my super awesome sister came to see us! We had lots of fun! We didn't do anything spectacular--she just wanted to do the things that we do we did the beach a few days and went into town one day and did walmart and costco, another day we strolled around Laie and went to lunch at the Hukilau Cafe! I wish I had pictures, but a few days before halloween, just Allison and I went to the PCC's Haunted Lagoon and it was by far one of the freakiest things I've ever been too! The whole thing was on the lagoon so we were on canoes and crazy stuff would jump out on top of us and then these crazy scary monsters would come out of the water and walk by us looking at us and junk--holy smokes it was scary! Poor Allison sat in front of me instead on the side and her shirt was really stretched out because my head was in it most of the time! It was a fun week--I'm so happy she came...there is definately something special about a sister!

Picking her up at the airport--for some dumb reason, she and I both were emotional--what the heck?

Dane has become really interested in coconuts and he loves to find them at the beach and spend the next 2 hours trying to break it open--it's not that easy! This kid LOVES the beach--loves to dig tunnels, build sand chairs, chase crabs, build walls to keep the water out, sit at the edge of the water and sqeal, and throw the sticks that wash up back into the water! His blonde little hair is getting blonder and blonder!
Allison and Paige eating snacks--Allison is gonna love this picture?!? When Paige goes to the beach, she likes to play for a few minutes, then sit on the mat under the umbrella and eat snacks! Then if she gets wet, it's pretty much over cause she's cold and just wants to be held! She is trying to decide if she likes the water or not--mostly right now it's only if Nick is holding her!

Lunch at the Hukilau cafe! The kids like to sit on the bench and look at the surfer pictures above them--this is one of our favorite places to eat--and it's one of the cheapest!

Allison was wonderful to have visit--I thought I took more pictures! But of course she and I looked like hags all week, cause for some reason in Hawaii, makeup doesn't stay on your face, and hair doesn't stay the way you do it in the morning, and all your clothes just stick to you and you just want to rip em' off--so needless to say, it's not a glamour island! We had a blast though--my kids love her, my husband loves her and I'm glad she loves us too! Thanks Sister!


Cami D. said...

OOOHHH HOW FUN HANNIE! I love your life right this second - I am laughing that you were both emotional! That's how it is when I go see MyR in Idaho! Ha ha sisters - LOVE! I miss you!

Camille said...

i am with ya with em!!!you guys r having so much fun!!!!! how long r u going to b out?i am in 4 the girls trip!!