Thursday, November 5, 2009


I was excited for a Hawaii Halloween, not knowing what traditions they do here, but then I remembered that Hawaii is part of the US and they do pretty much the same things here as anywhere else...just so you know! Allison was here for the holiday and she was fun to have! Our ward had a little trunk or treat and dinner in pumpkins (I've never heard of this before, but it was cool) Our trunk or treat only lasted an hour including dinner and games and I asked everyone why they did it so fast, they all told me that you want to trick or treat through the faculty housing and on the couple of streets over. They were right--the kids made out like bandits--the good stuff! Too bad Nick had snagged half of Paige's before we got home!
Paige already had a pumpkin costume, but when Allison was here we found these little wings and the cutest fairy tutu thing and Allison wanted her to be a fairy really bad--so here is my little Halloween fairy!
This was at the end of the night, Dane wanted to try a 'war head', he spit it out real quick!

The kids diggin in on the candy!

My Fairy! Once we found the wings and tutu, I told Allison now we need a leotard suit and hair stuff, but living in a little town with one grocery store, and the closest anything else is an hour away--we were limited and we ran out of time! But she was darling and wouldn't take off her costume at the end of the night!

Ninja Dane--everybody kept talking about his pecs and he never said anything until the end of the night and then said he didn't like em' cause nobody noticed his cool sword!

Dane and our little neighbor DK--he is Dane's favorite friend and they are mischievious together almost every day. He's leaving back to Pompei (an island off of micronesia) in December, so that will be sad!

This was our trunk or treat--I talked Nick into letting me paint his face! He was supposed to have a black cloke and wig, but he drew the line at the painted face...which I'm happy with! It was funny, cause our goofy neighbor told Nick when he saw him, "Ahh... Nick, you washed your face man!" It was a great night!
Dane bobbing for apples--he was confused with apples making smoke! He got pretty into it after a few seconds!

He's a apple bobbing CHAMP!

Monster man and his sweet girl!


Camille said...

ok ur kids r serously cute!! so funy he was sad they didn't notice the sword! my ty[ing is getto right now because i am one handing it sice im pumping yay...

Becca said...

I'm so glad you were able to figure out that Hawaii is in the US. I'm so proud of you.... And I love you and miss your holy mother of stinkin' guts - oh my goodness!!!!!!!

BiggsFamily said...

I was looking at your blog and Ryan waled in and said oh its my best friend, dave, ha ha had to share it was funny. Looks like you had a really fun halloween!!