Thursday, November 5, 2009

Food Fest 2009

At Byu a couple times a year they have FOOD FEST--sounds yum huh? Well, it is! All the clubs on campus make their native food and have a big carnival thing and sell it to anyone who wants to come! They did a benefit concert for Samoa and the Philipines and it was just a fun night (except Paige was really sick). Some of our favorite food were from Figi, Singapore and Dane liked these little chicken on a stick things from one of the asian clubs--I forgot! I didn't get any pictures of actual food fest, cause I was holding sad Paige and still trying to have fun, but since it was close to Halloween, they had all the kids dress up and have a little costume parade around the was cute!

Dane was my ninja man and Paige was a red-eyed little pumpkin!

A bunch of the kids before the parade started!

Nick was in the parade too... as Daddy! Paige thought it was cool that he was wearing her hat!

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