Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just Some Funny Thoughts!

These are some Dane and Paige isms that I don't want to forget......

(About a month ago) Dane: "mom, why are you sad?"
Me: "mommy's kinda homesick buddy"
Dane: "Do you miss our red house and casa manana?"
Me: "yea, I miss lots of things about Pima."
Dane: "don't worry, we'll go back to pima soon"
Me: "when are we gonna go back?"
Dane: "well mom, I think we'll go back when all the water is out of the ocean!"
(it didn't help with the homesick, but it did make me laugh)

*on sunday morning after I painted Paige's finger and toe nails for church, Nick was putting her in the bath and she fell apart, bawling and screaming...Nick told me I could take care of it!
Me: "sissy, why are you so sad?"
Paige: "get out, wanna get out"
Me: "you gotta take a bath, why don't you want to take a bath?"
Paige: (lifting her hands out of the water) "my singer nails, my singer nails" with tears rolling down her face.
Then I realized she didn't want her nail polish to wash off...we fixed that one!
Dane likes to go to the grocery store with me and when we do, we usually have a conversation that goes like this...
Dane: "mom, what are we buying here?"
Me: " food for supper buddy" (as I pick up something)
Dane: " do I like to eat that mom?"
Me: "yeah, you love to eat this"
Dane: " Oh, does Poppa Danny love to eat it too?"
Me: " yep, poppa Danny loves it too!"
Dane: "oh, OK, let's get it then!"
And some other STUFF I don't want to forget.....some of these are funny hawaii things that I've realized, so this list will probably grow over the next couple of years!
*In Hawaii, play doh never dries out. I'll find a glob under Dane's bed and it's been there who knows how long and it's as squishy as ever!
*In Hawaii, when you are getting ready to turn left and someone coming the other direction is turning right, they flash their lights at you to turn before they do...I think you'd have to drive here to understand--it's odd!
*Something I realized the other day about living in TVA is that my 3 year old has a few older friends and now when they play spy games, they like to shut the door and write secret notes and it kinda bugs me that they "have to have the door shut for it to work right mom!"
*You could wash your car 6 days a week here, and you would still have a layer of salt water on your windshield the next morning when you get in.
*When you get ready for the day, you might look okay, but give it about 4 hours and your makeup will be gone, your hair will be matted to your head cause it rained for exactly 45 seconds and then the sky is blue, and you wear anything that doesn't cling or stick or even a little snug, because it's miserable and then you end up with a yeast infection...(I know it's totally gross, and it fortunately hasn't happened to me yet, but I've heard some funny stories from my neighbors)!
That's all for now, I'll have some more soon! I really am starting to be thankful that we are here--it's taken a little while, but I'm a happy girl and I'm not being negative, these things are just funny to me. I'm not in Pima anymore, that's for sure!


Janel said...

awwww, I just love those little kids! Poor little Paige's singer nails!! LOL Dane is just growing up so fast already!

Heidi Bryce said...

You are too funny. I hope you have a great time.

Heidi B

Sarah Ida said...

Love you!!!....
but why does the link for my blog say "the one and only"... ??? I'm not sure about that one. :)

Alisha-aka skeezie said...

....It's called, driving with Aloha. Oh how I wish I was still there going to school and would have had some friendly faces. Wait...I totally mean familiar faces. when you run across and meet a man named Vonn Logan, (he does lots of luau cooking, lives between the temple and BYUH, and usually has a pit in his front yard for pigs....)Please tell him hi from Skeezie. the ONLY person in my BYUH life who knew and called me that. I miss it there. Enjoy every second!

Becca said...

why can't you own up to that infection? c'mon now!

Camille said...

so so cute! Glad you are starting to like HI! Im sure it is a little tough going from help to no help..but just think this will be the ONLY time in your life that you get this experience!! For the rest of your life you will like in AZ AKA Pima so enjoy your time with just your little family. Time is going to FLY!Im with Becca own up the the infection LOL!

triplethreat said...

Hey!!!I know you. Your kids are adorable and I can't believe you are in Hawaii. Seems like your dreams have come true. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my list of blogging buddies. Love ya dear.