Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Before it's too late--Some Labor Day FUN!

Labor Day camping in Treasure Park is always fun and something all of us look forward to--but this year, it came really fast and none of us felt we kinda flew by the seat of our pants, but it turned out AWESOME and all the kids (since they are a little older and fight a little less) had a great time, all of us moms and dads really enjoyed eachother! Some of the best memories will be...
*Luke making fun of Tanner in work out mode (this is probably one of the most hilarious things ever,but unfortunately, Luke and Tanner only get in this mood every once in a while)
* trying to bathe 8 little kids in like 15 minutes in Adam and Steph's trailor before the hot water ran out and all of them screaming like they're dying (thanks Steph for making clean kids happen)
*playing cranium and laughing histarically at Tanner's humming kung foo fighting and Dad licking his lips 50 times while he draws
* sitting around the camp fire telling jokes
* Luke and Tanner dancing and hopping up on the hill side wearing glow in the dark glasses and ears--when those two get together--it's comedy!

--I love Labor Day Camping!

This is Poppa Danny's wood chopping crew--he said they all were picking up pieces of wood and hauling them to the trailor! He said he had a smile on his face the whole time! These kids LOVE their Poppa Danny!

My mom and the two littlest boys-cute Hollen (Adam's) and cute Marshall (Luke's)

Somehow I got to be in charge of crafts--so I decided that if I were a little kid, I would love to make bead camping necklaces and paint funny plaster was funny and messy all at the same time! I was actually surprised how much the kids liked doing this--my craft brain is turning for all the years to come!

Playing games is a favorite activity--sequence is always fun and I got inducted into the cranium posse--that is a FUN game!

Uncle Luke busted out his balloon creations--I think my kids are the only ones that thought it was cool!
I don't know if 3000 miles away in Hawaii is gonna keep me away for next year--we'll see! Camping is definately one of my happy thoughts!


Heidi said...

Looks like you guys have a blast when you get together.

Cami D. said...

DANGIT I MISS YOU GUYS! Can i please just come to the next family activity?

Camille said...

what a fun tradition u guys have. i might have to make my family start that too! i am lol at lukes balloons and your kids faces!!!!!