Monday, June 1, 2009

Is this what I get to look forward to?

I was trying so hard to get ready fast the other day cause it was gorgeous outside and we were going on a picnic, so I put my makeup bag down in front of Paige which I didn't think was gonna be a problem, well, she's obviously smarter that she looks cause in about 30 seconds she had the lid off the mascara and this is what her face looked like...then she was mad at me for taking it from her and cleaning her off!
I picked her up and showed herself what she looked like and she said "eww" I laughed! She's got that word down good! Everything is "eww" The funny thing is that at least you can see her eyebrows with mascara on them!
My funny little Paige!
Memorial day turned out to be super fun! We went to Roosevelt Lake with the DeRusha's and we had a great time! After looking at 3 different campsites (Nick forgot to ask where they were gonna be and cell phones don't work there) and Nick saying "if they're not at this one, we're freakin goin home" We found em'!

Dane was in heaven! He loves his Lamb cousins and they all were like little fishes in the water. They would take turns in the boat and on the shore--such patient kids! Dane found a little minnow and carried it around till it was dead and then insisted we bring it home-ugh! Such a boy!

Cute cousins Dayton, Sadie, Ava, and Dane!

Dane waiting patiently for a turn on the tube! When he finally got a turn, Nick tried to teach him how to roll off and Dane thought Nick was trying to drown him! He told Nick he can't come to the lake anymore!
Hopefully we get to do this again soon--cause it was a lot of fun! Good Family, good conversation, good food, just good!


Janel said...

We had a great time too! I was just showing the kids the pictures and Wyatt said "I wish we were there right now!" I just love your kids, they are too funny!! We always laugh about The things Dane says "That giant boy is scaring me!" and I don't like that guy" LOL!!! We will be coming to Thatcher soon so we can get together again :D

Cami D. said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha I love that she's girlie and needs make up already! I AM SAD I MISSED YOU! I am in Show Low and am so sad I missed you while you were in mesa! COME BACK!!

Marcie Brown said...

How stinkin cute! Your kids are just to cute!

Nicole Palmer said...

What??!?! No mountain campout for the Hoopes?! I am SHOCKED! ;0)
Paiges make-up is rockin!! Too cute!