Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Funny Dane!

So Dane doesn't particularly like going to church...he doesn't like to be quiet, he doesn't like sunbeams, he doesn't like wearing a tie most of the time...well, a couple of weeks ago he was walking home with my dad (papa Danny) from church and when they were walking across the canal, Dane stopped and asked if he could throw his tie in. My dad told him "no!" Dane turned to my dad and said,"well maybe if I throw it in a fish will come by and eat it and we'll never find it, then I don't have to go to church anymore! Does that sound like a good idea?"
And just last week getting ready for church, Nick was dressing the kids and I usually do Dane's hair, well I was running late as usual and I told Nick to just put stuff in it real fast. So Nick put some gunk in his hair and said "there I guess you're done or whatever" Dane asked "well, do I look all ugly then?" I laughed pretty hard! I guess he's worried about his hair--yes! I've instilled great hair maintenence in my kids! Anyway, there are a few funny Dane stories!


Cami D. said...

Ha ha he is your Mom! :)

Nicole Palmer said...

LOL!!! What a funny guy! I'm totally cracking up right now!!!