Saturday, June 13, 2009

I can't forget!

I have to write this down before I forget--I get sad when I know I should write something down really soon after something funny or cute happens and then I magically forget! It really ticks me off--so I am getting on it this time...yesterday evening Nick was taking the kids to his parents house to play while I was at work and when they were driving through Central by the Temple site, the chapel is looking like a chapel, anyway, Dane saw it and started cheering "the Temple is almost done! the Temple is almost done" then he sat back in his chair and he just said to himself, not real loud but loud enough for Nick to hear he said "that makes me so happy!" He was saying to himself and Nick said it just made him smile big! I think it's funny that Dane does NOT like church or primary, but he's excited about the Temple--he knows that it's important and it's exciting that we're getting one in the Gila Valley! The other funny thing I can't forget is just this morning Dane whacked Nick in the leg and asked him if it hurt. Nick told him no and Dane said with this tough look on his face, "that's cause I have a tough hand!" We laughed for a while! If anyone needs a funny little kid around to make you laugh for a while--Dane can come play with you! He'll make your day great!


Heidi Bryce said...

Kids are too cute. I always think oh that was funny I will remember it and then I forget. Thanks for sharing with us.

Cami D. said...

That's hilarous!