Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas at the DeRusha's

Dane has talked about a 4-wheeler for months--Santa was nice to Dane this year!

He kept saying, "is that por me?" "did Santa bring it to my house dist por me?"

Paige was so happy, she was trying to figure out what was happening!

Earlier in the day Christmas Eve, Auntie Brianna was here from Hawaii and came to love on Paige! Bri got to be here for 10 days--it was wonderful to have her here! She's a doll!

Nick was putting toys together christmas eve and Paige was his helper--she likes being Santa's helper! She could ride and not have Dane trying to push her off!


Janel said...

Very cute, I love all the littlebabies doing the nativity, so fun! Those will be fun pictures to look at in 20 years!! :D

Camille said...

Fun fun times! The Hoopes always know how to throw a party! Christmas is a fun time! How cool what Dane got from Santa! P would be jellous. He sits on those things every time we go to Toys R Us....maybe one day!

Aaron and Lehua said...

I see dane on that 4-wheeler every time I pass by! What a fun toy!

Mary Ann said...

hi my cute friend! i love the pictures. that 4 wheeler is awesome.. i want one too! i love your sweet kiddos. it was so fun to get to talk to you a couple of weeks ago! we need to get together more often! i love hanging out with you!

Nicole Palmer said...

I love the expressions on both kids faces while on the 4 wheeler! So cute! Glad that you guys had a nice Christmas - the Hoopes know how to party!!

Cami D. said...

Can I please meet paige? I suck.