Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008!

This was a funny sight! Marshall is being so reverent!
My sweet baby Mary! I didn't know Jesus had a pacifier!

Everyone getting restless! except for Paige-she really likes looking at Hollen. She tries to eat him sometimes!

We had a great christmas season! The entire month was a crazy one, but lots and lots of fun things were happening! I needed a few more days though--like I always do. All of my brothers and Allison were here and we had a Christmas eve party at mom and dad's house! We started off on a tractor/trailor ride (the kids love it), up to G&G McBrides and the Hughes to deliver presents. Oh wait, back up, earlier in the day I started delivering christmas goodies and I went to the Powers family in our ward, well, Mike (the dad) made the coolest playhouse thing for his girls and he and Clarice talked me into riding the zipline back down. It was seriously super cool! I felt like a little kid! So back to the party...after the tractor ride we ate some yummy food and then tried to get our kids ready for the nativity story--their not too excited about that! Marshall and Paige were Mary and Joseph, Adysen and Bentlee were the angels, Hollen was baby Jesus and Dane and Camron were the wise men. We only had two cause Cooper fell asleep on the tractor ride! The nativity story lasted a whole 3 minutes (just long enough for us to take some pics) and then we played a few games, one of which was a white elephant! It was a fun night!


km_johnson said...

The kids look sooo cute! Is that a tradition? We missed you guys at christmas but we will be in Thatcher for sure in May for spring sing..kind of a long ways away, take care!

mtcowgirl said...

Cute pictures! I'm excited now that I've found your site. I can check in and see my cute grandkids!