Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Bunch of Random Stuff!

All of these are backwards, since obviously I forgot how to blog since it's been a while...anyway, just some fun things that have been goin on here in Hawaii! At our ward party this past saturday night! Dane couldn't believe that a pig actually got cooked and there is another pic of them cooking, but my wild little man who loves to touch weird things thought he's like to hold the pig head--yea YUCK! Ugh--it just looked weird and greasy! Anyone hungry??? Dane thought it was awesome!
Sitting on the "real" Santa's lap! When he came in, Dane grabbed my leg and said, "mom, I'm so happy that's the real Santa!" Paige isn't a fan yet! She liked him from a distance!

Here's our YUMMY Christmas dinner! They cooked these right outside our apt. so the kids stood and watched for at least 2 hours! I was impressed I have to say!

Now we go back to Thanksgiving...I have a funny story about our turkeys. I guess everyone thought we wouldn't get thanksgiving dinner, because I had a girl call from the local health center and ask if we wanted to be on a list for thanksgiving baskets...I said sure because I'm not gonna turn down free food! Well, a few days before thanksgiving a few little ladies showed up carrying this HUGE bucket of all sorts of food. I asked who did all this and who I should thank--well, one of the ladies said, "you can thank us by coming to our church!" They left and I opened the little card they brought and it was from the Seventh day adventist church! They brought us a book of theirs too! um...did they forget they were coming to BYU campus!?! Anyway, I giggled, AND we had LOTS to eat for thanksgiving! We did eat with a bunch of fun families that live in TVA--it was a great thanksgiving!

Nick carving his first turkey--he was a proud man! It was the closest thing he's been to skinning anything for a while, so he got kinda into it!

Dane and Paige got to the shaving cream in the bathtub and I still don't know if they each painted themself or painted the other one! These two are really funny in the bathtub! Their motor boats get REALLY loud!

I think stuff like this is funny--who cares if the entire can of shaving cream is gone because they've put a giant pile on every toy and shampoo bottle in the tub!

Paige and our neighbor Rachel! These two either love eachother or fight over everything! Rachel is funny, because she shows up at my door almost every morning and says "treat"

The kids were drawing the ocean and the beach! Sidewalk chalk might be the greatest invention yet! Some days I'll give all the kids around here a piece of chalk and they will color every sidewalk, water drain thing, bike rack, brick flower bed, doors, and walls they can possibly see! Our building is really colorful! Thank goodness it rains a lot lately!

We were making a wal-mart trip and going through the pineapple fields was beautiful, and then this showed up! Hawaii definately takes the cake on beautiful nature! WOW!
My life has changed dramatically the past 3 weeks--my homesickness is no more! I have no time to be homesick! I just got called to be primary president of 60 wild primary kids! I am so overwhelmed and trying to figure it all out! And it's funny, frustrating, but funny, but on the mainland the old president would meet with you and help you figure stuff out, but not's like this, "oh, you'll figure it out, just ask if you have questions!" Oh is that what I do--um..I have tons of questions! Anyway--I grew a fabulous cold sore my first week! That's how good it's going! But hey--I'll figure it out right! I am excited, but really stressed! The kids are awesome and they love to come to primary so that's a great thing! It's all good--it's Hawaii!


Sarah Ida said...

You will be a FANTASTIC primary president. I kinda with I was 10 years old and lived in Laie. :) I love your blog!

Heidi Bryce said...

Way to go Hannah. You will do great as the President. Have fun and keep in touch. Email me at