Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Fun!

Paige is turning into a wild woman...I thought she was waiting for me to come in to take her clothes off...guess not!

This is how she helps unload the dishwasher--she pulls all her bottle nipples out first and has to look at them for a little while! And if I make her get off before she's ready, oohhh she's mad!

A couple weeks ago, Tanner's boys were here to play for the weekend and we did a favorite Hoopes summer activity...catch baby frogs at the river! This is seriously one of the funnest/funniest things ever--come over and we'll take you!
I know it's kinda gross cause you really don't know what you're gonna find at the river, but these little boys loved their "treasures" they found! They even found a rusted bike that they were trying to convince Poppa Danny to take and fix!

I am lame lately with taking life is not my own lately, in fact I think I'm turning into a monster! BUT...I think things will be lots better now that Nick has successfully passed college algebra with a fabulous 87 in the class and now we have our husband and daddy back! I am really proud of him and it's been super rough around here! So time is flying by, and just an starts Sept. 17th and Nick will go by himself for the first couple weeks to get our house kinda ready, all oriented in school and even have a few days to miss us before we get there! Then my mom, dad and us 3 will fly out to our adventure! Dane keeps telling everyone that he's gonna be a surfer, so I think he's pretty excited! Things are working out great--but they usually do (I guess that's what a little faith is for!) There is lots to do, but it's all exciting---so start saving your money for a vacation to Hawaii! Aloha!


Janel said...

Yay Nick, on the good grades. I'm glad everything is working out for you. We MISSED you in MN, so i guess we'llhave to come to HI and have some fun there!

Cami D. said...

I miss you {insert swear word}!!