Monday, March 30, 2009

This is something New and Exciting! Hint, hint...Aloha!

Okay, so for the past 2 or 3 months, Nick and I have been talking about where he's gonna go the school in the fall, and the crazy thought came to both of us that maybe we had a second chance at going to BYU Hawaii on a drumming scholarship (we could have gone right after we were married, but I said no way! too far!) So we started talking to people that might have a connection, and the Professor wanted to hear Nick play, well, crazy Hannah thought we would use our savings and take a family vacation and visit the campus and Nick could play in needless to say, it was not an easy trip, in fact we were probably more worn out when we got home! Paige came home with an ear infection, so yea, that was fun! We will see as far as going to BYU goes...maybe, maybe!! Here are a few pics of our trip. It was actually not great weather, but it is still Hawaii!

Dane trying on his new goggles, he never wore them in the water...just our hotel room! And I think he got a size too big! oh well, he thought they were cool!

On the beach on Nick's birthday! This is right by Brianna's house, lucky girl! And notice we aren't wearing swim suits...everyone else only put theirs on ONCE, and I never even pulled mine out of the suitcase.

The birthday boy and his little present! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

The daddy and the kids at Sunset beach!

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mtcowgirl said...

Hey Hannah, thanks for putting pictures on your blogspot. I love looking at them. Can't wait to see you in May!